Chuck Hedges

Chuck Hedges was born in Chicago. His early experiences playing in that vibrant jazz scene were with George Brunies, Muggsy Spanier, and Danny Alvin. He moved to Milwaukee in the '60s and was part of the great Dick Ruedebusch Band, which appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Chuck made his home in Milwaukee and played locally at the Red Mill and Selen's Restaurants, plus many concerts in the Midwest. He performed with his Swingtet at Andy's in Chicago on Monday nights for over 14 years.

Chuck is was very much in demand as a jazz soloist at festivals worldwide and in the US. He toured with the late Wild Bill Davison throughout Europe and with Tommy Saunders' Wild Bill Davison Legacy Band.

Chuck Hedges died June 24th, 2010 after a long battle with cancer.