Song name
Trav'lin' All Alone 4 programs
Trombonology 5 programs
Trouble In Mind 1 programs
Troubled Waters 2 programs
Try A Little Tenderness 4 programs
Trying To Stop My Crying 1 programs
Tulip Or Turnip 2 programs
Turtle Twist 3 programs
Twinklin’ 1 programs
Two Deuces 4 programs
Two Sleepy People 1 programs
Two Tickets To Georgia 4 programs
Song name
Undecided 8 programs
Until The Real Thing Comes Along 2 programs
Up A Lazy River 5 programs
Up Jumped You With Love 2 programs
Song name
Valentine Stomp 2 programs
Vieux Carré 2 programs
Viper's Drag 1 programs