How do I play the audio?

Check out the Audio How-to Guide on the Using the Site page.

Can I find out when a particular show is going to be playing? Is there a schedule of the streamed programs?

No. Like a traditional radio station, the Riverwalk Jazz site does not provide a detailed broadcast schedule with information about date and times when specified content is to be streamed. The terms of the licenses under which Riverwalk Jazz audio streams are distributed prevent us from posting a schedule of the channel programming. 

Can I select and play any radio program of my choosing?

No. Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot offer a “jukebox” of Riverwalk shows where you can pick a selected recording to play. To listen to audio, use the media players on the home page to tune in to either of the channels available there.

Can I rewind or fast-forward through a program?


Can I download audio from this site?

No. Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot offer downloads of the content from this web site. 

How can I get a copy of a radio program?

Riverwalk Jazz has released a number of its programs on its own label. These are available to purchase at Amazon. For information on obtaining copies of other programs for current academic research or personal study purposes, please contact the Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound.

Will the audio work on my iPhone, iPad, Kindle or an Android device?

The streams play on mobile devices and tablets running iOS or Android.  Using HTML5 technology, iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) can play the streams natively; however, not all Android browsers have HTML5 audio support. For Android users, we suggest using Firefox or Chrome.

The streams do not play on a Kindle device (Silk browser on Fire OS).

Is there a Riverwalk Jazz app?